Perfect Storm Marketing

I work with entrepreneurs and small business. My customers tend to struggle with online sales and marketing or want to implement an online marketing strategy. Similar to my story, they hav no idea where to start, feeling out of control with website design & social media.

What I do is use my experience, and working with you, build an online presence from websites through to social media marketing. The number one end goal is to create a system to obtain leads for your business & keep in communication with those leads.

Where it all started

Having a Braai every day in the UK for a year – it was a ridiculous thought, but it brought about an awesome story. I harnessed the power of social media to get on TV, sell out events in 30 seconds to raising in the end – well over R500k for our Rhino.

I also set up braai 365 and launched my own products, all through social media.

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