3 Digital Marketing Tips going into 2020

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Whatsapp Business

I have been banging the drum about Whatsapp replacing email for quite some time now. However there was always the cross between personal and business on your phone, and Whatsapp business solves this.

Whatsapp business is a standalone app that allows you to communicate with your customers like email, but on a separate number. My sales system points to getting people onto whatsapp as soon as possible, as it’s an instant chat, and with marketing on Facebook allowing users to direct their questions towards Whatsapp it’s a fantastic tool.

Another part is how you control the data your employees send to customers. There are many instances when an employee gets asked to send a quick picture or document to their customers, and would do this via Whatsapp. But what happens if that employee leaves the company? With a Business Whatsapp line, you are able to hold the number and therefore if the employee leaves, you can continue any conversations as before (this of course will not be needed if you have given a company cell, but many small business’s don’t put this in place)

Check out the Business Whatsapp page for more information.

Whatsapp Business

New Social Channels

Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram are still the power houses when it comes to social media. There are however a few players that are moving up the chart.

Tik Tok is the most interesting of all, and whilst most users will be creating dance moves and crazy videos, the few seconds on the screen and the fact that it is so fast moving needs to be taken note of. The 13 seconds we used to have to market to someone, has diminished to 8 and in a few more years will get lower as the information overload comes into effect. Smart marketing will take note of the trend of the shorter videos and grab attention very quickly to move customers into the system.

If anything download Tik Tok and Snapchat to see what it’s about. They haven’t started the a full marketing channel aimed toward small business, however as they expand and salaries increase, I’m sure they will have to tap into the large market of small and medium business’s. You can of course use Tik Tok for influencer marketing if that’s your strategy with quite a few videos getting a few million views. The smaller social channels are on the rise.

Search & download the following

Tik Tok & Snap Chat from the Play Store

Privacy - and a shift to retargeting

Most people would have recieved a few privacy updates from their social media channels. Obviously there is a lot going on in social with Facebook accused of swaying elections etc. etc.

The challenge with all social channels is that they are free, and because users demand free access, someone has to pay (which is the marketer) and we want our money worth with targeting and lead generation. Basically Companies will be forced to delete consumers’ data upon request and they’ll be prohibited from selling information if the customer instructs them to via a mandatory “do not sell” link on the company’s website.

Has it affected us here in SA? Well not at all, but it’s something to be aware of as we enter the 20’s. Facebook targeting has become harder and harder as the options have decreased on who we can target.

This means retargeting is going to be a large point moving forward as you need to start off with a bigger audience when starting, and targeting and saved audiences will be paramount. So firstly we need to make sure every lead we have is stored safely for retargeting. Not only that, but if you are a small business, capturing information and storing it safely, is becoming very important and needs to be apart of your digital strategy.



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