Perfect Storm

It all started with a braai.

The Perfect Storm started in London with Braai 365 – having a braai every day was the challenge, but seeing the immense power of social media was a break through. And this was the first taste of the marketing (selling out events in 30 seconds)

From there I have taken what I learnt to other industries with great effect – and braai’ng still remains my number one passion 🙂

The Vision

Perfect Storm Marketing is all about helping South African business’s get online.  Through my failures, I can teach people what works in online marketing. The vision is to be regarded as the top online marketing consultant in South Africa.

The Values


To be considered the best any any field, trust needs to be placed first in everything I do. Clients put their trust in me to ensure their message is portrayed correctly.


As a consultant I focus on the positive of South Africa and the environment we all live in. It is the best country in the world, after all.


Fun is at the centre of what I do. There’s not much point to life, without the epic fun that comes along, and when working with clients, it’s always a priority.


I am passionate about every project I work on. I’ve been there before and behind every client lies the hopes and dreams of the dedicated entrepreneur and the employees they employ. I am hugely passionate about your business and South Africa, our country.

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